Agri & Food

"Entrepreneurs are increasingly confronted with regulations. We advise entrepreneurs and show them what the opportunities are."

For more information about what TK advisors can do for you, please contact Pietia Laarhoven, head of the Agri & Food sector.

Whether you grow flowers or vegetables, sell dairy products or produce cold drinks and snacks, you are part of a sector facing major challenges and which demands a keen eye for business. Your sector is recognised as a top sector, but it is also one that is full of laws and regulations. TK supports a large group of clients in the Agri & Food industry. Our professionals help growers, purchasers, producers, suppliers and exporters to find their way within the regulatory frameworkand making the most of the opportunities it presents. This is an area we literally and metaphorically enjoy getting our teeth into. So that you can concentrate on getting your business to grow and flourish.

Our experience in your sector

• We drew up an auction agreement for a market leader in soft fruit.
• We updated the service terms and conditions of an auction organisation in the ornamental plant cultivation sector, in line with the latest developments in the sector.