New Technology

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Whether you build ICT systems, develop apps, are involved in biotechnology, are researching ways to make buildings energy neutral, you are part of a sector that revolves around innovation.  Because innovation is high on the political agenda, there are lots of opportunities in your industry, for example in terms of grants. At the same time innovation also means tackling hurdles and sticking at it. TK supports an increasing number of clients in the New Technology sector. Our professionals help game manufacturers, application builders, life science companies and other innovative parties in applying all the legal regulations inherent to this industry. We look after the legal side of your business. So that you can concentrate on progressing the next new development.

Our experience in your sector

• We are the permanent advisor to the European Space Innovation Centre (ESIC), based in the Space Business Park in Noordwijk. Our advice has included on protecting products and which legal form was best suited to the business model.
• We assisted a company that applies space technology in games in their initial round of financing to the value of 4.5 million euro.