The Public sector

"We work with advisers who have extensive experience and affinity with the industry in which they operate."

For more information about what TK advisors can do for you, please contact Dick Timmermans, head of the Public Sector.

Whether you work on the executive or supervisory board in health care or education or hold a management position in a local council or water authority, you work in a sector with a social responsibility which is governed by legislation. The need for transparency and the fact that stakeholders, including local residents and interest groups follow your every move means you have to take the greatest care in all you do. TK supports a large group of clients in the public sector: from educational establishments to housing corporations and from government authorities to healthcare institutions. Our professionals work alongside you and provide you with concrete advice on complex issues. So you can make reliable choices to support your policy decisions.

Our experience in your sector

• We supported several care institutions and housing corporations in setting up assisted living complexes.
• We supported the specification of a community school in the province of North Holland including a special and state school next to a library and child care facilities.