Retail & Hospitality

"Our approach requires a different dynamic when it comes to doing business and legal control thereof."

For more information about what TK advisors can do for you, please contact Robert Jan Stoop, head of the Retail & Hospitality sector.

Whether you run a supermarket, sell clothes or Furniture or offer hotel packages, you are part of a sector going through considerable change. Changing consumer behaviour, pressure on prices and new technological possibilities demand action, creativity and a key eye for business. TK has been supporting leading clients in the Retail & Hospitality for decades. Our professionals help retailers, hoteliers and caterers find their way through the morass of rules and regulations relevant to your industry. This is an area we literally and metaphorically enjoy getting our teeth into. So that you can concentrate on your passion: your business.

Our experience in your sector

• We advised a major clothing concern in the area trademark protection.
• We have been providing Legal services to a Dutch supermarket chain for decades.

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