Property & Projects

"Tactical use of rules and regulations. So that your projects are on a sound footing."

For more information about what TK advisors can do for you, please contact Edward van Lent, head of the Property & Projects sector.


Whether you build, rent complexes, invest in or restore properties, you work in a sector that faces considerable challenges and demands a clear tactical insight. Your industry is literally and metaphorically at the heart of society, and your work involves you dealing with many different parties and regulations. TK supports a large group of clients in the Property & Projects sector. Our professionals advise project developers, estate agents, architects, housing corporations, investors, landlords and tenants, sellers and buyers with the legal side of property business. We are happy to advise you on how to apply all the rules and regulations shrewdly. So that you can bring your projects to a favourable conclusion.

Our experience in your sector

• We supported a joint venture that was developing a multifunctional building in a station area.
• We advised a leading initiator of property investment funds regarding setting up and financing several property funds.