TK International

We have extensive experience in the field of international law and assisting international clients. Therefore, we have established TK International to provide our international clients with tailor-made information and services. TK International consists of an international board, international networks, international desks and international teams. All put in place to secure our ongoing focus and your interests in the international field of law. If you have any questions please contact one of the members of our international board, which comprises the following members:

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Michiel Teekens   Pietia Laarhoven    Johan Langelaar  
Chair   M&A    


International networks

One of the world’s leading networks of professional and independent law, accounting and consulting firms.


A non-exclusive network of 36 independent law firms that has existed for more than 20 years with members in over thirty countries throughout the world. 


An association of law firms specializing in Business and Commercial Law with a membership of over 600 lawyers serving clients with easily accessible legal services throughout the world.

International desks

TK Dach 1465483367_Germany_flat.png

Die ganze deutschsprachige Praxis unter einem DACH. Wir schützen ihre interessen und arbeiten zusammen mit Ihnen an der Zukunft, Ihrem Business in den Niederlanden.

Tk Nordic 1465483491_Finland_flat.png 1465483456_Denmark_flat.png 1465483432_Norway_flat.png 1465483400_Sweden_flat.png

Our extensive experience with Nordic clients and our two lawyers fluent in Swedish (one of which native) enables us to communicate smoothly with our Nordic clients and understand their culture. We are therefore fully equipped to act as an active partner to our Nordic clients when contemplating to enter the Dutch market and when performing their business in the Netherlands. TK’s Nordic desk also assists Dutch companies and institutions that do business in the Nordic markets, by providing them with the benefits of TK’s vast network of trusted attorneys, tax advisors and other advisors in the Nordics.